Location of Winning Ticket of Irish Lotto Disclosed


The Wednesday night draw of the Irish Lotto had an impressive jackpot worth €5,612,385. The winning numbers for the draw were 01, 09, 17, 25, 30 and 31 and 39 was the bonus number.

Lucky winner in Wexford

The Irish Lotto officials announced that there was a lucky player who had become the 21st National Lottery millionaire of Ireland this year. This player is from Co Wexford. After the announcement, the National Lottery asked all lottery players in the area to check their tickets to see if they are the 6th winner of Irish lotto jackpots this year.

Moreover, the National Lottery also stated that they would disclose the location of the store from where the ticket of the €5.6 million jackpot had been purchased on Friday. They advised the winner to sign the back of the ticket and to ensure its safety. The winner can get in touch with the National Lottery via phone or email.

Other life-changing wins

On Wednesday, there were other lottery players from Offaly, Limerick and Kilkenny who came forward to claim their combined prizes worth €2 million. The biggest winners were from Limerick city who won the top prize in the Lotto Plus 1 draw of €1 million, which was conducted on June 18th, Saturday. They had participated via a syndicate at work.

The winning ticket was bought by the syndicate in Castleroy at the SuperValu store and they took a day off from work to visit Dublin in order to claim their prize. The lucky winners disclosed that they had formed the syndicate recently, which had resulted in their good fortune. They opted to keep their identity hidden.

They said that the syndicate was new and it had managed to win a prize, so others may want to join in as well. They said that it was a good amount of money and while they would not leave their jobs, they did have plans of paying off mortgages, going on vacations and upgrading their cars.

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