Powerball Ticket Worth $366 Million Sold in Vermont for the First Time


On Wednesday, Vermont entered the lottery history books as it managed to sell its first winning ticket for the Powerball jackpot worth $366.7 million. According to the department of Liquor and Lottery, the ticket was sold in Middlebury at Middlebury Short Stop.

Store manager excited

On Thursday, Deb Alger, the manager of the store said on a phone call that it was definitely an exciting turn of events because it was the first winning ticket that was sold in Vermont. According to Alger, she had been working on Wednesday till 6 p.m., but she was not aware if she had been the one to sell the winning ticket. The winner’s identity has not been revealed as yet.

The numbers that were drawn on Wednesday in the Powerball Lottery were 8, 40, 49, 58 and 63. 14 was the Powerball number. The winner can either to go with the annuity option, which would mean $366.7 million paid out over 29 years in 30 graduated payments, or they can take a lump sum cash payment worth $208.5 million.

According to the store manager, they have a lot of regular lottery players who buy their ticket and she was hoping that the lucky winner turns out to be a regular because that would be great. She said that she was happy that the ticket would change someone’s life.

Other wins

Other than the jackpot win, the Powerball lottery draw on Wednesday saw 609,000 tickets claim cash prizes. One of the tickets was bought in Illinois and the winner managed to take home a prize of $1 million after matching all five numbers that were drawn. The Powerball ticket only costs $2.

This year, the Powerball lottery has seen three other jackpots won so far, which include two tickets that were sold in Wisconsin and California in January that split a prize of $632.6 million. In February, a winning ticket in Connecticut claimed a prize of $185.3 million and in April, a ticket-holder in Arizona walked away with a prize of $473.1 million.

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