All About the Africa Millions Lotto Game

Many lottery lovers are aware of the EuroMillions lottery game which is a very popular and well-renowned lottery game played across several countries in Europe and internationally. This lottery is known most especially for its large jackpot amounts which almost always surpasses the hundred of millions mark.

In an attempt to replicate the EuroMillions lottery’s success on the African continent, the African Association of State Lotteries (AALE) and France’s BR Gambling signed a partnership in 2009 which allowed for the creation of an African version of the EuroMillions lottery game. This game was named the “Africa Millions”. The Africa Millions operates in six African countries – Ivory Coast, Benin, Senegal, Cape Verde, Mali and Burkina Faso. Together, these six countries boast of a population of over 50 million people. Just like the EuroMillions, the Africa Millions lottery game is known for its mammoth jackpot amounts which start at €50 and €100 million every Wednesday and Sunday. With such jackpot amounts, the Africa Millions is without doubt the biggest lottery on the African continent.

Playing the African Millions

The Africa Millions lottery game follows a 6/90+1 matrix. With this matrix, players must choose six numbers from a range of 90 numbers plus an additional Bonus number from the same pool of 90 numbers. The Bonus number is only selected after the main numbers have been chosen. As is the case with most lottery games, players can decide to choose their numbers themselves or let the system do the picking for them. To allow the system randomly generate and choose numbers on behalf of the player, he/she must opt for a Quick Pick All.

To opt for a Quick Pick All, simply select the Quick Pick All option on your selection slip. Once that has been done, the computer will choose your numbers for you. This feature is especially appealing to first-time players of the lottery or players in a hurry to catch up with a particular deadline. However, it is important to note that the Quick Pick All option cannot add bonus balls to a player’s bet. In addition to the Quick Pick, players can also eliminate the risk of not participating in a draw by choosing to play his/her selected numbers for a future number of draws.

Also, in an effort to increase chances of winning, players can choose to place more than one bet for a single draw. Another option which helps players when choosing their numbers is the Max All which allows a player to select and boost an entire row of numbers. This option can also help players to generate full ticket sets which include the SuperStar and Maximum Boost.

The game also features a special feature referred to as a Booster. This booster option gives players the chance to double the amounts of their winnings. This means that, if the jackpot amount is worth €50 million, with the Booster option, the jackpot becomes €100 million. Another feature is the Win-O-Meter which helps players to calculate their odds of winning any prize with respect to the Africa Millions. This tool allows players to choose different number combinations in order to improve their chances of winning a prize.

Playing the Africa Millions Online

With the presence of the internet, it is possible to play the Africa Millions from any part of the world. There are a lot of authorized internet service providers who offer lottery services. Playing via the internet is fun and amazing. Players simply have to sign up on any trusted online lottery service provider. Once their account has been credited and funds deposited into the account, the player can then go on to choose the numbers he/she wishes to use to participate in the lottery game. On Wednesdays, the prize per ticket stands at €1(R.50) while the Booster option costs just €2 (R15).

Winnings and Prizes

The Draws for the Africa Millions are held weekly on Wednesdays and Sundays. These draws take place in Zambia and during these draws, seven balls are drawn from the machine containing the 90 balls. The first six balls drawn are the main balls while the last ball to be drawn is referred to as the Bonus Ball. Balls like the Bonus ball and the SuperStar ball play a huge role in increasing not only the prize tiers but the amounts of the prizes. Take for example the jackpot of Wednesday which is a minimum guaranteed amount of €50 million. The Booster effect doubles this amount making it €100 million. Jackpots on Wednesdays begin at €50 million which can be won with as little as €1 (R7.5). On Sundays, the minimum guaranteed jackpot is €100 million which can be won with as little as €2 (R15).

The odds of winning the top prize in the Africa Millions stand at 56,035,316,700 to 1. This is done by matching all six main numbers plus the SuperStar number. The second prize applies to those players who were able to match all 5 main numbers plus the Bonus number and the SuperStar number. The odds of doing so stand at 1 in 9,339,219,450. Other prizes exist for those players who are able to match 4 balls with or without the SuperStar number and the Bonus number.

Prizes also exist for players who are able to match 2 of the 6 main balls, the SuperStar ball alone, or 1 main ball plus the SuperStar ball. Depending on the prize amount, players might need to claim winnings in person. The odds of winning any prize in the Africa Millions lottery stand at 1 in 21.51. Of course, a percentage of the funds raised from the lottery go to support charitable organizations and good causes such as health, social welfare, education and sports. The Africa Millions is a game worth trying. Despite the fact that the odds of winning are relatively low when compared to other lotteries, the odds, when compared to lotteries with the same jackpot amounts, still seem pretty impressive. The large jackpot amounts of this lottery game and the fact that the game is played operates in six African countries even though it can be played worldwide makes this game the best African lottery game for lottery lovers.

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