$1,000,000 Won by Marlena Lanni Playing Mega Millions


The officials are excited to reveal that they have helped a player travel to her home country after so many years. Marlena Lanni, who is now 72, is more than excited to have won huge prize money participating in the Mega Millions game.

Marlena is now packing her bags to travel to France to see her brothers and sisters whom she hasn’t met for ages. She always wanted to go see them but she never found the opportunity to. The Mega Millions of officials are glad they were able to provide her with the opportunity of meeting her family members.

Marlena Lanni Wins $1,000,000

The officials have confirmed that the recent Mega Millions draw Marlena participated in was held on April 8, 2022. The winning numbers for the April 8 Mega Millions draw were 40-29-8-11-32 and the Megaball number was 2. The Megaplier for the April 8 drawing was 3X, which meant that if Marlena’s ticket had the Megaplier option purchased, she could triple her prize money.

The (annuity) jackpot prize money for the April 8 draw was worth $94 million and the cash prize for the jackpot was $59.7 million.

From the respective draw, Marlena Lanni’s ticket matched five primaries but failed to match the (2) Megaball. Therefore, she ended up winning and claiming prize money worth $1,000,000 from the April 8 draw.

Marlena’s ticket did not have the Megaplier option added to the ticket. If the Megaplier was purchased, Marlena could’ve won herself prize money worth $3,000,000 from the same draw.

Marlena also confirmed that she didn’t visit any store physically to purchase the lottery ticket for Mega Millions. Instead, she did it through the online website of the Michigan Lottery to purchase the ticket.

Marlena’s Journey to France

Marlena revealed that she was 21 when she moved to the United States from France with her husband. She spent so many years with her husband and raised their children in the United States.

According to Marlena, time flew by really fast and they didn’t even realize that they had grown so old. She and her husband had decided to go to France to meet their families but he died back in 2017. Since then, her finances did not allow her to go back to France and meet everyone.

Marlena did say that she feels alone in the United States and she may not return when she goes to France. Marlena is among the lottery winners who had their wish come true at such an old age when it matters a lot to them.

She revealed that she participates in the Mega Millions draws twice a month and she may continue doing it.

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