Jason Fletcher Wins $1,000,000 Playing Mega Million


The Mega Millions officials are here with a major announcement about a lucky winner who has won prize money worth $1,000,000. The lottery team is here to share the winning details of one of the latest $1,000,000 winners who is a resident of Alpena.

The player is among the fastest claimers of the $1,000,000 prize money after participating in the Mega Millions lottery draw held in April 2022. Let us go through the details of the winner from Alpena and see how he ended up winning $1,000,000 prize money.

Jason Fletcher from Alpena

The latest $1,000,000 winner is Jason Fletcher who purchased a ticket and participated in the April 8 draw for Mega Millions. Fletcher is a 45-year-old lad who had been participating in the Mega Millions game for a very long time.

He revealed that it was his dream to participate in the Mega Millions game and win at least a million dollars. He had been participating in the Mega Millions game since 2017 and see if he ends up winning prize money.

The winning numbers for the April 8 Mega Millions draw were 40-32-29-11-8 and the Megaball number was 2. The Megaplier drawn by the Mega Millions officials for the April 8 draw was 3X.

Jason Fletcher’s ticket ended up matching the five primary numbers only, which ended up winning him prize money worth $1,000,000.

Unfortunately, Jason Fletcher had not added the Megaplier option to the ticket. Otherwise, he would have won prize money worth $3,000,000 from the April 8 draw.

The $1,000,000 prize-winning ticket was purchased from Hillman EZ Mart. The particular store is located at 27400 M-32, Hillman.

Fletcher revealed that mostly, he checks his ticket for the results the next day the draw takes place. However, this time, he wasn’t able to check his ticket for an extra day. He had not imagined that the only ticket he failed to check the very next day of the draw was waiting to shock him with a $1,000,000 prize money.

When he checked the ticket, he was in huge shock and had to call his entire family to share the news. He couldn’t believe his eyes so he had his family confirm the win for him. Fletcher revealed that finally, he was able to fulfill his dream, and now, he is going to buy a new house for his family, and move there.

Other Winners from April 8 Draw

The jackpot prize money for the April 8 draw was worth $94 million but no one was able to claim it. There were two more players who also successfully won the $1,000,000 prize money by participating in the April 8 draw for Mega Millions.

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