$2 Million US Powerball Won by Eight Lucky Participants Working for FedEx


The US Powerball lottery officials are back with yet another announcement and a strong motivation for the entire lottery community. The officials are making an exciting announcement about eight lucky winners who will be sharing huge prize money among themselves.

It is a great pleasure for the entire US Powerball lottery officials that they have people playing their games with great dedication. The officials are here to share the draw details as well as the winning information about them.

They are very excited to know that it was a group of people from FedEx who were part of the US Powerball. Despite not winning any prize for a couple of years, the players finally managed to win huge prize money.

There were a total of eight players from FedEx who joined their forces to participate in the draw that won them huge prize money.

Let us go through the details of the particular draw that resulted in the players a US Powerball prize money worth $2,000,000.

April 25, 2022, Draw

According to the lottery officials, the syndicate won their huge prize money from a draw that took place in April. To be precise, it is the April 25, 2022 draw for the US Powerball that took place on Monday.

The winning numbers for the April 25 drawing were 61-39-20-18-12 and the Powerball number was 10. The Power Play multiplier for the April 25 draw was 2X.

The syndicate successfully matched all the primary numbers to win the tier-2 prize money for the US Powerball. Initially, the prize money the syndicate won was worth $1,000,000.

However, the ticket that matched the tier-2 criteria also had the Power Play option added to it. This resulted in the group doubling their prize money to $2,000,000.

The syndicate leader, Michael Walker, told the officials that he had convinced all his friends at work to play the US Powerball. They had been using the money they made over time to play US Powerball. They are glad that their efforts have finally paid off.

The names of other participants are Mickey Sessoms, Tharp Bordeaux, Catherine Simpson, John Oxendine, Derick Hunt, Phillip Freeman, and Robert Peterson III.

More Wins from April 25 Draw

The jackpot prize money for the April 25 draw for the annuity was $434.8 million. The cash jackpot prize money for the April 25 draw was $252.1 million.

Not a single ticket was able to match the criteria for winning the jackpot prize money for the April 25 draw. The FedEx team reportedly had the top prize-winning ticket of $2,000,000. There was another ticket that won tier-2 prize money but it was just $1,000,000.

The April 25 draw also produced 990,039 more winners who successfully took home total prize money of $6,902,305.

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