Three US Powerball Tickets from Tennessee Win $2,050,000


The US Powerball officials are back with three major announcements to boost your morale and keep you entertained. This time, the US Powerball officials have decided to make things interesting to increase your entertainment.

The officials have decided to honor three lucky winners from the same state who have won huge prizes the US Powerball. Surprisingly, the three players participated in the same US Powerball draw in the month of April.

As per the lottery officials, the winners are from Lebanon, Loudon, and Hendersonville. Out of the three players, the first two players have won $1,000,000 each and the last player has won $50,000 from the draw.

Let us go through the winning details of these winners and see what prizes they have won from their participation in a particular US Powerball draw.

April 18 US Powerball Draw

According to the lottery officials, all three players had participated in the April 18, 2022 draw for the US Powerball. The annuity jackpot prize money for the April 18 US Powerball draw was $352.5 million. The cash jackpot prize money for the particular draw was $212.2 million.

The five primary numbers for the April 18 draw were 62-59-55-33-8 and the Powerball number was 18. The Power Play multiplier for the April 18 draw was 2X.

Lebanon Player Wins $1,000,000

From the particular April 18 draw, the Lebanon player won the tier-2 prize money. The player matched all the primary numbers from the draw, winning him prize money worth $1,000,000.

The name of the winner is LaRandall Beard. The winner reported that he never chooses the multiplier option while playing the US Powerball game. If Beard had added the Power Play option, he could have doubled his prize money to $1,000,000.

Beard revealed he had purchased his $1,000,000 winning ticket from Discount Tobacco. The particular store is located at 337 Baddour Parkway, Lebanon.

Couple from Loudon Wins $1,000,000

The couple from Loudon was as fortunate as the Lebanon player. They matched the tier-2 criteria and won themselves prize money worth $1,000,000. They had also not purchased the Power Play option, so they were not able to double their prize money either.

The names of the couple are Roy and Angie Moats. They had purchased their $1,000,000 winning ticket from DP Market. The particular store is located at 14934 Highway #72 North, London.

A player from Hendersonville Wins $50,000

The Hendersonville player matched the criteria for winning the tier-3 prize money. From the draw, the player successfully won prize money worth $50,000. The couple, Douglas and Barbie, revealed that they had purchased tickets for each other through the website.

Surprisingly, it was Barbie’s ticket that proved to be the huge prize winner.

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