22 Players Second Division Prize worth $397,298 Lotto New Zealand


The Lotto New Zealand lottery officials are back with yet another major announcement. The officials have revealed that it is a huge win for the lottery business as well. The most exciting part of the announcement is that it does not involve a single winner.

Instead, there are several players who participated in the same Lotto New Zealand game. The player went for the same draw and ended up winning the same prize money playing the game.

The Lotto New Zealand officials have revealed that the players had purchased their tickets for the same draw for the Lotto NZ game. The particular draw for the game was held back on October 22, 2021.

From the draw, the players matched the required numbers to win the second division prize money for the game. The officials have revealed that the prize money for the particular draw was worth $397,298.

Surprisingly, there were 22 players who ended up purchasing tickets that matched all the required numbers leading to their second division prizes. From the lucky draw, each player became the winner of the second division prize money.

Each player revealed an equal share of the $397,298 prize money that had been won from the particular draw. As a result, each player had the opportunity of taking home a prize worth $18,059.

The officials have also revealed the areas where the players are from. The lottery team has revealed that out of the total 22 players, there are 3 players from Auckland and 2 players from Whanganui.

The rest of the players are from different areas. These areas include Bay of Plenty, Canterbury, Christchurch, Hastings, Rolleston, Rotorua, Southland, Stratford, Taranaki, Tauranga, and Waikato.

These players reportedly purchased their tickets from different stores. These stores include Weymouth Superette, Kingsford Supermarket, MyLotto, Hornby Mall Lotto, Caltex Karamu Road, and New World Rolleston.

More stores include Paper Plus Central, Paper Plus Stratford, Welcome Bay Foodmarket, SuperValue Whanganui, and Unichem Whanganui. Most of the time, when so many players win the same prize money, it is perceived that it might be a syndicate.

This means that the game is participated by several players that play as a group and a ticket belonging to a single player wins prize money for the rest of the players.

Surprisingly, all the players are different and have won separate prizes from the Lotto NZ game. Each player now has enough money to buy a nice car or a pickup truck. The players can also take their families for holidays and a trip abroad, having a nice time.

It is expected that most of the players will be using the money from their prizes for the Christmas Holidays.

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