Lucky Player from Port McNicoll Wins $250,000 Playing Daily Keno


The lottery officials for the Daily Keno game are here with a special announcement of a lucky player who has won their top prize money. The officials are here for the first time to make the huge announcement and let the world know about their existence.

At present, the largest lottery industry is in the United States and then it is the European region with the second-largest lottery games. However, the Canadian lottery games are also catching up and are offering huge lottery games to their locals.

Whether it is a draw game, a scratch-off game, or a monitor game, Canada is picking up the pace really fast. The country has been advancing and exploring more and more the lottery industry. They are coming up with their own special games that are paying out huge prizes to the participants.

Daily Keno is also one of the major lottery games that have been launched in Canada alone. The lottery game is reportedly offering huge prizes that go all the way up to $250,000 to the lucky players.

If there is a player lucky enough of winning a huge prize, they can win up to $250,000 playing the game. This time, the Daily Keno officials are here with an announcement about a resident from Port McNicoll.

The officials have confirmed that the name of the winner is Patricia Bartlett who has won the top prize money playing the game. The player had reportedly purchased the Daily Keno ticket for the September 27, 2021 game.

The most surprising aspect of the Daily Keno game is that more than one draws takes for the game on a single day. Patricia had reportedly participated in the evening draw for the Daily Keno game.

Patricia informed the lottery officials that she has been playing the game for a while and she has won a few small prizes playing the game. In the past, she had other games she had been participating in. The first-ever lottery game she went for was the Lotto Max game.

However, she wasn’t finding much luck playing the game, so she wanted to try a different game. This is when a friend of hers recommended the Daily Keno game.

As per her, this is the kind of game she had been looking for because she was not liking the idea of buying playing a draw game. She did not want to buy a draw ticket and then wait a week for the draw to take place. Instead, she preferred the daily draw game and Daily Keno was the right choice.

She purchased the luckiest ticket of her life from her regular store “Circle K” located in Midland Avenue, Midland, and won $250,000.

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