Lucky Player from Hanmer Wins $1,000,000 Playing Encore Win


The Encore Lottery team is here today to make an exciting announcement. It is to remind the lottery community of a lottery prize that was won back in September but the winner never showed up.

Finally, the winner did contact the lottery officials and went through the details to claim the prize money. The officials are glad that the player finally contacted them after almost two months to claim the prize money.

The player had won huge prize money playing the game and it would have been a huge loss if the player wouldn’t have claimed it. The officials had been searching for the winner all across the country so the prize money could be given out.

Unfortunately, the player had made no contact, and they had no information on them about the winner. This is the reason why the lottery officials had decided that they were going to wait it out and see if the player indeed gets in touch with them.

The winner finally contacted them really excited about the win and confirmed that she is going to visit their headquarters next week to claim the prize money.

The player is really excited about the win and she wants to make the most out of the money she has won playing the Encore game. Encore is a major lottery draw game played on a large scale in Canada.

The game almost has the same kind of reputation and player base as the major lottery games from the United States. The officials have revealed that the name of the winner is Francine Chenier who is a resident of Hanmer.

She had reportedly purchased her Encore ticket that was for September 17, 2021. The Encore game is powered by the Lotto Max game operator, and it offers maximum prize money worth $1,000,000.

In order for Francine to win the top prize money, she had to match all the numbers that were a total of 7 to win the prize money. The player surprisingly matched all the numbers and in the correct sequence in order to in her prize money.

After matching all the numbers on her ticket from the draw, the Hanmer woman ended up winning a prize worth $1,000,000.

The player informed the officials that she and her husband (Laurent Chenier), usually go for scratchers. But this time, they decided to change the way they play games, and it ended up working out for them.

As the lottery draw was the first time they were doing it, therefore, they weren’t that much interested in the game. However, when they ended up checking their ticket, they realized they had won $1,000,000.

Francine reported she had purchased her lucky ticket from Pquette’s Your Independent Grocer. The particular store is located at Highway 69, Hanmer.

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