28 Players Playing National Lottery Win €35,234 Each


On Wednesday, October 13, 2021, the National Lottery held one of the most popular and shocking lotteries draws. According to the National Lottery, the game has managed to produce several winners for a single tier.

The lottery team has confirmed that the draw held on October 13, 2021, was for the Lotto Jackpot game. It is one of the most popular lottery draw games being offered by the National Lottery team in Europe.

From the draw, a total of 28 tickets managed to win prize money based on the number of tickets they matched for the game. The officials have revealed that from the draw, a total of 28 tickets successfully matched five primary numbers.

The actual prize money for matching five primary numbers in the particular draw was €986,552. However, as there was not just one but 28 players who matched the five primary numbers, the prize money was split among all the players.

As a result, all 28 players will be receiving €35,234 each. This is something that hasn’t happened to the National Lottery in the past. There haven’t been these many players in the same draw for the same high-tier, winning and splitting the prize money.

While there were 28 players who won the tier to prize money matching the five primary numbers, there was no winner of the tier 1 prize money from the particular draw.

In order for a player to win the jackpot prize money, the player had to match all five primary numbers plus the bonus ball. However, as the money hasn’t been claimed it has rolled over to the next draw. As per the lottery officials, if all numbers were matched, then the jackpot prize won would be worth €19.06 million.

The lottery officials are excited about participating in the particular game. It was reported that a remarkable number of participants had been recorded for the particular draw from both; retail ticket buyers, and online ticket buyers.

The National Lottery officials have also shared the locations of where the tickets have been purchased for the Lotto Jackpot draw held on Wednesday, October 13, 2021.

The National Lottery officials have revealed that out of the total 28 tickets, 9 tickets have been sold in Dublin. Then there were 3 tickets that were sold in Cork, 3 tickets sold in Roscomm, 2 tickets sold in Meath, and 2 tickets sold in Wicklow

Then there are areas such as Carlow, Galway, Kerry, Laois, Limerick, Louth, Tipperary, and Waterford that have also sold the prize-winning tickets. There were several players participating in the game, wanting to try their lucks and see how it goes for them.

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