Lucky Player from Tampa Wins $1,000 A Week for Life Playing Cash4Life


The Cash4Life Lottery game is here after a while to announce the induction of the latest top prize winner for the Cash4Life game. The officials are filled with extreme joy to announce that their latest lottery draw has produced a jackpot prize winner.

Cash4Life is prominently known as a game that offers a unique play to its players all over the United States. The game has a tremendous following that tends to compete with the following of major lottery games that include Mega Millions and the US Powerball.

According to the Cash4Life officials, the name of the winner is Vincent Demshar who is a 57-year-old man living in Tampa, Florida (FL). The player stated that it was a dream come true for him when he learned that he had won the top prize for the Cash4Life game.

The player stated that now he is going to fulfill all his wishes and make the best out of the money he has won. According to Demshar, he is going to buy a new house and then get himself a new car.

The first thing he is going to do is take early retirement and then make all the plans. Vincent Demshar reportedly participated in the October 7, 2021 draw held for Cash4Life. As the draw results came out, Vincent Demshar won a prize that was $1,000 a Week for Life.

The player visited the Tampa District Office to claim his jackpot prize money. According to Cash4Life’s policy, Demshar could either go for the $1,000 a Week for Life game or go for the lump sum payment. The player went for the lump-sum walking away with prize money worth $1,000,000.

The lottery officials have revealed that Demshar had purchased his lucky $1,000,000 prize-winning ticket from Publix. The particular branch of Publix is located at 4315 West Gandy Boulevard, Tampa, FL. The store is also entitled for receiving a bonus commission that is worth $2,000.

The store staff members were also very delighted for receiving the bonus commission. However, the real reason behind their joy was the sales that their store has started generating for lottery games since the announcement.

The staff members revealed that they have been very busy ever since the announcement of the win was made. The players have been visiting the store to purchase tickets for the Cash4Life game and they have been purchasing other stuff from their store as well.

The manager has also shared a percentage of the bonus commission with the staff members as well. The store manager stated that it was the right of the store staff members to receive a percentage of the bonus commission for their hard work and dedication.

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