A $100k Lottery Winner Says She Had Already Dreamed Her Win

A 0k Lottery Winner Says She Had Already Dreamed Her Win

Admit it, in the majority of the lottery prize wins, you must have heard winners claiming that they had a gut feeling or heard a voice. However, there is one particular thing that the winners claim which compelled them in buying a ticket. That is when someone claims that they dreamed they had won a lottery prize and they actually did.

A similar case occurred when a girl from North Carolina (USA) ended up winning a lottery and she had already dreamed about it. The girl claimed that she had never played the lottery before and it was her first time, and she ended up winning a $100,000 lottery prize.

The winner, Kaila Moore told her story of how she had already found out that she will be winning a lottery prize. The Durham resident Kaila informed that it was last Saturday when she found herself buying a scratch-off ticket in her dream.

When she woke up, she knew exactly what she was supposed to do. She told her mom about her dream and how sure she was of her dream coming true. This made her mom even more excited and both of them drove all the way to the Food Lion grocery store. For the record, the store is located on West Main Street in Durham.

When they got there, Kaila purchased a $20 scratch-off ticket for the $4 Million Gold Rush lottery. Then both of them drove all the way back to their house. Kaila stated that she did not doubt her instincts even for a second.

Finally, Kaila’s dream came true and she had won a $100k prize from the Gold Rush lottery. Kaila currently studies at East Carolina University. She told the media that she already knows that the prize money will go towards her education.

She told me that she has plans to go to medical school and everyone knows that the education there is not cheap. She also has plans to invest some of the money in a mutual fund and will be saving some of it for future use.

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