Retired N.C. Marine using $10 Million Lottery to Honor Late Son


A retired Marine who won a lottery prize of $10 million says that he will use the money for keeping his son’s memory alive and give back to the community. He will help a foundation that was there for his family when they needed it. After 20 years of service, Marine Master Sergeant Alvin Mack II decided to retire from the military in May of this year. Within the same month, Alvin Mack III, his 19-year-old son passed away. He was at Arlington Cemetery, serving in the Air Force Honor Guard. 

Speaking to lottery officials, Mack said that his son meant a lot to him. Mack said that he believed in luck, but he thought this was a bit more than that. He said that he had a tribute room at home for his soon and he sat there and talked to his son, wanting to know if there was something he wanted Mack to do. The father considers this as a blessing from his son. Mack had bought his winning ticket in Jacksonville for a price of $30 from the Publix located on Marlin Drive. 

Upon claiming the prize, Mack had two options; he could either take a lump sum of $6 million or he could go with an annuity of $10 million that comes with 20 payments of $500,000 per year. Mack opted for the former and took home a sum of $4,245,009, after the required federal and state taxes. He said that when he had heard about his son, he didn’t have the financial stability to deal with all the costs involved. He disclosed that he and his family were provided housing by the Fisher House Foundation. He said he was going to make a donation to them and help others in his son’s name.

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