A $250,000 Prize Winning Cash 5 Ticket Sold in Northampton County


As always, the Pennsylvania Lottery is back with a thrilling announcement of a huge prize win. The lottery officials have revealed that the lucky ticket ended up winning a huge prize of $250,000 from the game. Unfortunately, the winner of the prize is yet to make an appearance and claim the prize.

Therefore, the lottery officials are now releasing the information around the win and all necessary details required to identify the winner.

According to the lottery operator, the ticket winning the huge amount was for the Cash 5 Lottery game powered by the Pennsylvania Lottery. The draw for the particular ticket was held on Tuesday, February 9, 2021.

The numbers that were drawn on the particular date were 03-30-32-39-43 respectively. The lucky ticket reportedly ended up matching all five lucky numbers and won a $250,000 prize.

According to the PA Lottery, the lucky ticket was purchased from the Express Mart. The address for the particular mart is 2350 Linden Street, Bethlehem. The officials have confirmed that the store will be receiving a $500 bonus commission for selling the lucky ticket.

As per PA Lottery’s policy, the prize winners are not validated until the draw is held. Once the prize-winning numbers have been announced, the players have one year’s time to turn up and claim their prizes.

In the light of the above, the lottery operators have urged all its players to double-check their tickets. As players are yet to emerge, it could be anyone from Northampton County that might have won the $250,000 prize.

If a player establishes they are the winner, they can get in touch with PA Lottery via 1-800-692-7481. Otherwise, the players can visit the PA Lottery to gather more information about claiming their prizes.

Apart from the $250,000 lottery prize, there are 15,600 more players that have won different prizes from the same draw. Therefore, the players should keep checking their tickets on a regular basis and they might be the lucky winners.

It has been a while since the PA Lottery has taken the initiative of sharing the details of the huge prize winners who do not show up to claim their prizes. There are many prizes that lay unclaimed as the winners never come up to bag their winners.

One of the major factors behind this is that there are many people who still believe that the chances of winning a prize are close to none. Therefore, they end up spending money on purchasing the tickets but they do not follow up to see if they have actually won something or not.

If the prizes are not claimed by the winners within the prescribed time, then the prize money expires and gets sent over to charitable causes.

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