A AU$200k Win Finds a Lucky “The Lott” Player from Wadalba


“The Lott” executives are here to tell the story of a lucky Wadalba woman all by themselves who won a $200,000 prize money. The player thought as if she was struck by lightning when she got the confirmation call from “The Lott” operators.

The Lottery officials have confirmed that the Wadalba woman had opted for the Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot. Little did she know that she was going for a game that was going to change her life entirely and she was going to fly-high.

The ticket she had purchased was to be drawn on Monday, March 1, 2021. The draw number for the particular Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot game was 1521. Having opted for the game, the player ended up winning the 1st prize and bagged a $200k prize.

Later, the player found out that she was also eligible for a $2,000 consolation prize money, which was added on top of the initial prize money. In total, the player ended up bringing home a huge prize of $202,000.

The officials have also confirmed that the Wadalba woman winning the huge prize had purchased the ticket from Wadalba Newsagency. The particular news agency that sold the lucky ticket is located at 2 Edward Stinson Avenue (Wadalba).

The officials informed through media that they were extremely excited to meet the winner when she showed up for her prize money. The officials stated that the winner was still in shock and looked as if she was going through some traumatic attack.

The lottery representatives confirmed how the player took the win when she was informed that she had just won $200,000. The representatives informed that the moment the winner was informed of the win, she started shouting.

The player was just too excited to listen about the winning news without even hearing the full part of how much she won from the lottery.

Finally, when the operators had the opportunity to tell her the actual prize money she had won, she found herself to be the luckiest in the entire year of 2021. The player kept telling the operator that she could not believe she had won such a huge prize money.

It was a dream come true for her as she had been playing the game for a very long time but never won such a huge prize.

The player informed the officials that she was going to spend the first batch of money to pay off her mortgages. When she is done with the back obligations, she will spend some of the money to treat her with one week’s trip. Throughout the trip, the winner aims to have coffee, drinks, food, and other sweet foods that she had always dreamed of having.

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