A Lucky Old Man Wins $500,000 from Diamond Mine 9X


The Florida Lottery is here to announce the recent win that has been achieved by a lucky player from Miami-Dade. The FL Lottery officials are thrilled and more than glad to induct a player from Miami-Dade as the winner of a huge prize.

The Florida officials have revealed that it is Leonardo Morales who is a 55-year-old man from Hialeah. Things turned lucky for the winner as he was able to bag half a million dollar prize from one of the top games offered by the Florida Lottery.

The name of the legendary game that resulted in the jackpot prize winning game was “Diamond Mine 9X”. After scratching the ticket, the player had established that he had just won $500,000. Still quite uncertain about the ticket, Morales went straight from home to the store in order to check the authenticity of the ticket.

When the cashier checked the ticket, it was confirmed that he had indeed won the $500,000 prize money. So playing the Diamond Mine 9X really worked out for Morales and luck came for him at the last second while he was scratching the card.

After confirming the win and signing the card with the required details, Morales had secured the $500,000 prize winning ticket at one of the dropboxes. The dropbox where he secured the $500,000 prize winning ticket was in Miami District Office.

As a regular run, Morales had purchased the Diamond Mine 9X ticket from the Gaby Grocery Discount, which is located at 1090 East 17th Street (Hialeah).

The “Diamond Mine 9X” game is one of the latest scratch-card games that have been recently launched by the Florida Lottery. It was back in December of 2020 when the particular game was launched and in a matter of few months, it has managed to give out huge prizes to lucky winners.

The ticket price for each Diamond Mine 9X ticket is $5 and the odds of winning a prize are 1 in 4.00. Ever since the launch of the game, the Diamond Mine 9x has managed to giveaway a total of $48 million worth of prizes to the lucky winners.

Similar to any other state-backed lottery games, Florida Lottery’s instant scratch-card games are also considered to be of very high importance. This is the reason why majority of the lottery games tend to pay too much attention and provide several games for the instant-card games.

As per stats, more than 75 percent of the total sales achieved by the Florida Lottery come from the instant scratch-card games.

It was recently revealed by the Florida Lottery officials as to how much money it is able to generate for the EETF fund. The amount generated by Florida Lottery for fiscal years 2019 & 2020 was $1 billion each.

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