A Clerk Working at a Temple (India) Ends up Winning INR120 Million from Onam Lottery


Similar to the United States & the United Kingdom, the lottery business is blossoming in India. It is one of the economic giants and a developing country in Asia. It is a country with around 67% to 70% of its population living in or below the middle-class section.

This is why the majority of the people living in India want to change their lives and lifestyles forever. The people are already trying it by finding jobs and still not able to make much of an improvement. However, if the lottery is something that can fulfill their dreams then they will not hesitate from holding onto it.

This is why the lottery business is thriving in 10 states of India and is helping millions of poor families in fulfilling their dreams. A similar kind of situation took place in Kerala when a man from Ernakulam (India) ended up winning a prize of INR120 million.

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The name of the winner is Ananthu Vijayan who is a clerk at a temple based in Ernakulam. Vijayan stated that he is from a poor family who currently resides at the Idukki district of Kerala. The winner told that the timing of his win could not be better because his entire family was affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.
Vijayan told media that he had bought a ticket (TB173964) from an agent for the Onam Lottery back in September. The draw for the lottery was held on the 21st of September, 2020 and he was shocked to know that he had actually won the jackpot prize.

While excited, he told media that just a day before the draw, he was joking with his family that he will win the jackpot. When he got the call from the lottery operator, he did not believe what he was hearing and thought someone was pulling a prank on him.

That is when he heard it on the news and was the happiest man in the world. Vijayan stated that his first priority is to buy a small but beautiful house for his family. Then he will start a small-time business alongside his father.

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