A €500,000 Euro Millions Plus Prize Sold in a Small Village


It is now a common thing that the majority of the lottery prize winners belong to big cities and not small areas. One of the main reasons is that lottery games are hardly available in the rural areas. This is the reason why we never get to hear the story of a person winning a lottery prize from a small town or a village.

Another factor is that the people living in villages and small towns are happy with their daily lives and what they have available. They do not want to go after the riches because they are happy with what they have.

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However, with the passage of time, things have started changing and people from villages and small towns have started demanding for lottery games in their areas.

The main reason why even people from villages and small towns have started playing lottery games is the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected big cities but it has affected everyone, no matter it is a big city or a small village.

Due to the pandemic, people are left with fewer finances and savings. Therefore, everyone is currently looking for a quick and short way of making money and changing their lives forever.

The National Lottery is bringing a similar kind of a story where someone from a small village has ended up winning huge prize money. The lottery officials have revealed that it is one of the residents of the Watergrass hill village who has won the prize.

Watergrass hill is a very small village that is located in North-East Cork. The National Lottery has requested all the residents and lottery players of the village to check their lottery tickets. It has been confirmed that one of the players from that area is the lucky one who has won the €500,000 prize money.

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The National Lottery has confirmed that the ticket is for the Euro Millions Plus game and the draw for the game was held on January 19, 2021. The ticket managed to match all five lucky numbers: 02-09-15-23-46 that were drawn in the Tuesday night draw. After matching all 5 lucky numbers, the ticket has won the €500,000 prize money.

The lucky ticket was sold from the Ross Center Store that is located in the center of the Watergrasshill village. The owner of the store has shared his wishes for the lucky winner stating that he is extremely happy about the recent win.

Ken Ross who is the owner of the Ross Centra Store, stated that he has been running the store for more than 16 years and this is the first time the store has sold a ticket that has won such a huge amount.

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