A Woman from Canada Wins CA$60 Million from Million Lotto Max Jackpot


The OLG Lottery is proud to bring the story of a lucky woman whose husband’s dream ended up her winning a huge prize. The name of the lucky woman is Deng Pravatoudom who is a resident of Toronto. Deng who is a 57-year-old woman was extremely excited and emotional about her huge win.

Deng had decided to play the Lotto Max game with a chance of winning CA$60 million and her opportunity turned out to be a fruitful reality for her. She informed that she was an immigrant and it was back in 1980 when he had moved to Canada with her entire family.

The player informed that she has 14 siblings and is one of the older ones in the family, she had a lot of responsibilities to fulfill. She informed that her husband was always by her side and together, they made their lives better by working hard.

Deng informed that it has been 20 years since she has been playing lottery games. It was her husband who had dreamed about certain lottery numbers. That was the time when they started playing with those particular numbers.

Although her husband is no more she still carried on playing with the same numbers and she still does. It was the draw held on December 1, 2020, that finally turned her luck and she ended up winning the ultimate prize of CA$60 million.

Deng informed that from the lucky numbers her husband had dreamed, she had finally managed to win a Free Play for the CA$60 million jackpot. That was the entry that Deng had needed, which ended up winning her the jackpot prize of CA$60 million.

The player informed that ever since they moved to Canada, their local church and people in their area did so much for them. It was the local church that had sponsored everything for them when they moved to Canada as they had nothing on them.

Since then, the entire community has been really supportive and has included them in every single one of the events and gatherings that have been organized in the town. Although they moved to Canada as immigrants, the locals never let them feel that they were far from home.

Deng was extremely emotional and was crying thinking about her husband and her entire family. She said that they have seen so many hardships throughout their lifetime. With time, she and her siblings grew old, had kids, and then grandkids.

She was glad that although she and her siblings spent hard times, her children and grandchildren will be spending their lives happily.

Deng said that she will also be providing money to the church for the renovations as well as donations for the entire community.

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