A Family Thanks Daily Mirror Officials for £1 Million Jackpot


A family from Southampton is thanking the Daily Mirror lottery for the great help that they once offered their parents more than a couple of decades ago. According to the family, it was back in October of 2000, when the reporters from the Daily Mirror lottery visited them in the morning.

Their mother, Phyllis Porter was the one who answered the door and it was not just some reporters, it was fortune knocking at their door. She was soon going to find out that she had won prize money worth £1 million.

This was a life-changing moment for her and her entire family, who were about to have the best experience of their lives.

Phyllis Porter, a 71-year-old widow had just been informed that she had just won a prize money worth a million. Luckily for her, the absence of her husband was filled with her two sons and four grandchildren, who were with her to hear about her win.

The family revealed that they were all so excited that they were able to see a smile on their mother’s face. It was like she had been given another opportunity in her life to enjoy and have a wonderful start.

The winner had just won the jackpot for the Daily Mirror and she was completely speechless when she heard about the news. According to the reporters, the player was wobbly-legged when she was informed of the winning.

Phyll later told the lottery officials she had to make five attempts to call her children and drop the news to them.

The family of the winner thanked the lottery officials that from the prize money, she enjoyed her life to the fullest. She did whatever she had hoped to do by her husband’s side. However, she was not able to do it because her husband had passed away 12 years before the winning.

Still, she had the opportunity to visit all the places and countries her husband had planned with her. It was a life that made her happy and it seemed that her life’s purpose was fulfilled when she passed away recently.

The reason Phyll’s family shared her story is that she recently passed away at the age of 92. However, she had a wonderful life and a great experience. As per her sons, she was very sad and depressed since her husband passed away.

Her sons wanted her to move with them but she always refused as she wanted to breathe her last in the same house her husband died in.

According to Phyll’s sons, the Daily Mirror gave their mother a new life when even they had lost hope. They are glad that she smiled and laughed even till the end and they will always cherish her happy life.

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