Set for Life Game Grows Bigger, Giving Away $20,000 a Year for 20 Years


The Set for Life game is here to talk about the lucky winners from all over Australia. The lottery officials at the “Set for Life” game are really excited that they are currently helping in changing the lives of close to 100 people from Australia.

The Set for Life game is unique in its own manner, which gives away prize money to the winners on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis. By playing lottery games through the “Set for Life” game, the players can continue receiving equal installments for up to 20 years.

The Set for Life game is considered one of the most unique and wonderful lottery games that could ever be offered in the lottery industry. Millions of players reportedly participate in this game all over the world to try their luck. It is because of the popularity of the lottery game, which is why several operators around the world offer Set for Life.

According to the Set for Life officials, at present, they have a total of 82 people in entire Australia who are receiving annual prizes through the game. As per the lottery officials, the majority of the players opt for one-time lump sum prize monies. This way, the players get to take home millions of dollars in prizes.

Only a few prize winners for the Set for Life game go for annual prizes and so far, 82 Australians are receiving their prizes on annual basis. On an annual basis, these players will be receiving $20,000 a year for 20 years.

One of the recent winners for the Set for Life game winning the division one prize was a woman from Bargo in NSW. The lottery officials have revealed that the lucky woman from Bargo initially did not have her ticket registered on their website.

This meant that despite the lottery officials knowing there was a winner for the division one prize, they had no idea who the winner was. Therefore, all the lottery officials could do was to wait it out and hope that the player contacts them eventually.

The lottery officials revealed that they did not grow tired from their end and continued posting the details about the winner through social media platforms. Finally, the player read the post through the “Set for Life” game’s Facebook page and she checked her ticket to see if she was the winner.

Luckily, she checked the ticket in time and contacted the officials to claim her prize money. Finally, the player made contact with them and became the 82nd player to have gone for annual installments for the $20,000 prize money.

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