A Local from Western Australia Has Won $2.5 Million Playing Saturday Lotto


Lotterywest, one of the top lottery games played in Australia is back with a huge announcement for the lottery enthusiasts. The officials of the Lotterywest game have revealed that this time, the lucky winner is from Western Australia.

The lucky winner from Western Australia has managed to receive one out of four division one prizes. In case there was only one division one prize, the lucky Western Australian would have won $10 million.

However, three more lucky winners ended up claiming the division one prize, so each player bagged $2.5 million from the game.

The lottery team has confirmed that the draw for the particular Saturday Lotto was held on Saturday, May 15, 2021. The particular ticket for the Western Australian player was purchased from the Ashburton News agency.

The spokesperson from the Lotterywest, Hermoine Coleman talked about the recent lottery game. He stated that they have experienced a high surge in terms of sales and demand for the Saturday Lotto game.

Coleman also claimed that from the beginning of the year until today, thirty division one prizes have been given out to players all over Australia.

Coleman confirmed that more than 170,000 players from Western Australia have earned different denomination prizes through the Saturday Lotto game. Furthermore, 16 division two prizes were given out from the same game. The details show that each player winning the division two prize has bagged $10,000 from the particular Saturday Lotto draw.

The lottery officials have revealed that the lucky numbers drawn from the particular draw were 20-15-41-5-16 and 19. The division one tickets managed to match all the numbers from the draw and won $2.5 million each.

The Lotterywest team has confirmed they have generated $2 million in funds through the sales of the tickets. The officials have revealed that the $2 million worth of funds will be sent over to the charity programs.

The Lotterywest has been around since 1932 and it has been offering players the opportunity to win millions. It is one of the oldest lottery games offered in Australia and has millions of people win multi-millions.

The lottery officials have congratulated all the players for their wins and are proud of Lotterywest’s achievement. With more sales, Lotterywest is able to generate more and more funds for charities and noble causes.

The Lotterywest officials have even thanked all the players who participated in the lottery games and have been participating in the games on regular basis. According to the lottery officials, it is the dedication of the regular lottery players who keep participating in lottery games even though they do not win anything.

There are many players that have been playing lottery games for a very long time and have not won anything. Still, they carry on playing because they do it for charitable causes.

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