Two Lucky Pennsylvania Lottery Tickets Win Almost a Million


The Pennsylvania lottery is here with two exciting announcements for two of its major lottery games. The lottery officials are excited to see how much their games are played. No matter the game they launch, each one of them is well-received, making their sales grow higher to all-time highs.

This time, the Pennsylvania lottery is bringing the details around two major games. The name of the first game is Cash 5 with Quick Cash, and the name of the other one is Strike it Rich. Both games are played on a very high scale and the sales they generate for the PA lottery are tremendous.

The Cash 5 with Quick Cash game is one of the lottery draw games that provides players the opportunity to win huge prizes. On the other hand, the Strike It Rich game is a fast play game, which is somewhat similar to instant scratch cards but does not require any scratching.

The officials have revealed that the Cash 5 with Quick Cash ticket was sold in Erie County. The draw for the particular ticket was held on Wednesday, May 12, 2021. The jackpot prize for the particular Cash 5 with Quick Cash game was $545,089.

Therefore, in order to win the jackpot prize, the lucky ticket had to match all five lucky numbers, which were 35-33-22-21-10. Fortunately, the ticket sold in Erie County managed to match all five numbers and won a top prize of $545,089.

The Cash 5 with Quick Cash ticket that won the top prize was sold from the Giant Eagle store. According to PA lottery 9125 West Ridge Road, Girard, is the location of the particular store.

The win has also turned out very fortunate for the store as they are also entitled to a $5,000 bonus commission for selling the top prize-winning ticket.

The officials have confirmed that apart from the above win, more than 18,000 players managed to win different prizes from the same draw.

Then there is the ticket for Strike it Rich game whose ticket was reportedly purchased from Westmoreland County. The officials have confirmed that the lucky ticket managed to win prize money of $360,832. The particular ticket winning the top prize was sold on Monday, May 10, 2021.

The particular Strike it Rich ticket winning $360,832 was sold from the Choice Cigarette Discount Outlet. The particular outlet is reportedly located at 5690 William Penn Highway. Export. The particular store is also eligible for the bonus commission of $500 for selling the lucky ticket to the customer.

Unlike the scratch card games, the Fast Play game offers players the opportunity to make a purchase. As the ticket comes out of the till or self-serve point of sale, it tells the players if they have won anything or not.

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