A Lucky Businessman from Wembley Gets Set for Life with £10,000 Every Month


The National Lottery is proud to reveal the story of a lucky businessman from Wembley who is now one of the luckiest in the entire UK. The lucky winner has the opportunity to bring a huge change to his life as well as to others around him.

Hitendrakumar Maugi, who is a 45-year-old hard-working businessman from Wembley has won huge prize money from National Lottery. He stated that he does not wish to keep all the money to himself. Instead, he wishes to help others as much as he can and bring joy into their lives with his actions and support.

The player recently won the prize from the National Lottery and was able to talk to the lottery officials on Tuesday, June 8. The player informed the officials that he currently runs a small business in Wembley, which keeps him really busy.

He spends an ample amount of time running his business and is always there to make sure no one is getting into trouble. He is not that fond of lottery games but sometimes, he does try his luck by playing lottery games offered by National Lottery.

He plays them whenever he gets the time to, which is once in a blue moon scenario for him. Still, he tries his best to try his luck every now and then, and at times, he purchases the tickets at the last moment.

Maugi stated that playing National Lottery has always been entertaining for him and he enjoys playing it whenever he can. This time, everything went normal and he was glad that he had purchased the ticket for the National Lottery on time.

However, his business got in the way and he was unable to check his lottery ticket for quite some time even when the results were out. At times, he gets so much involved in his business that he can hardly remember his lottery tickets. Sometimes, he does not even check them for months and does it when he finds them in his pocket or lying somewhere, given he has time to do so.

He faced the same scenario for the recent purchase he made for the National Lottery ticket. He ended up not checking the ticket for a few weeks until he received an email from the National Lotter. The email subject read congratulations and to be frank, he thought it was just a few pounds.

However, he received a follow-up email from the National Lottery and when he checked the email, he was completely blown away. He could not believe he had won the opportunity to receive £10,000 per month for the rest of his life.

The player stated that the money he has won would go towards his family, his friends, the community, the temple he visits regularly, and his business.

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