A Lucky Man from Maryland Wins $250,000 Playing Virginia Lottery


The Virginia Lottery is bringing the winning tale of a Maryland man who has won quarter to a million. The lottery team is excited about Elvis Umana Hernandez’s win, congratulating him on his recent accomplishment.

Hernandez is now among the luckiest to have won quarter to a million and has a new future waiting for him. Many would think that $250,000 is not so much of a big amount. It may not be a big deal for celebrities or businessmen, but it sure is a really big deal for people who are always hoping for a small push.

Elvis Umana Hernandez is one of the luckiest people who could use a little monetary push in their lives. However, Hernandez has ended up gaining a huge opportunity as he has $250,000 more in his bank account.

The money he has won can help him gain huge ground and opportunities in his life. He may even be able to start his own business if he has a certain skill that he could put to use. The lottery team is now extremely curious about Hernandez’s future just like all other times when someone has won prize money.

The officials have revealed that Hernandez went for one out of dozens of lottery games powered by the Virginia lottery. Elvis Umana Hernandez reportedly went for the Double Dollar Crossword game powered by the Virginia lottery.

It is one out of dozens of scratcher games powered by the Virginia lottery and offers huge opportunities to players. Elvis Umana Hernandez ended up winning the top prize currently offered through the Double Dollar Crossword game.

Elvis Umana Hernandez revealed that he had purchased his $250,000 prize-winning Double Dollar Crossword ticket from 7-Eleven Store. The particular store is located at 1500 South Fern Street, Arlington.

Following his lucky win, Hernandez shared a list of plans he has on his list that he wants to take care of. Hernandez stated that the first thing he is going to do with the money is to purchase a house for himself. This would help him not worry about any rents or other problems he is currently facing.

Once he has his own house, then he has plans of starting his small carpentry shop inside his house. He is also into construction but with this money, he would be able to focus on his carpentry skills. He loves to do a lot so he will definitely go for a small business, and if it picks up, he will open up a shop in the commercial area.

The player stated that so far, it is the best opportunity life has given him and he intends to make full use out of it.

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