Ohio’s Second Vax-a-Million Lottery Winner Takes Home $1 Million


The latest winner of Ohio’s vaccine lottery Vax-a-Million is Jonathan Carlyle from Toledo. He won a prize worth $1 million in the lottery draw that’s introduced by the state as part of its vaccine incentive program.

Carlyle is a new father and therefore, he has already started planning a future for his family with the winning amount. He believes that the windfall is going to release him of the major burden that comes with planning your family’s future. There is a lot he can do with the money, he can save it for his children’s future and education. He can even consider investing it in something for long-term profits and returns.

This second Vax-a-Million draw was highly anticipated as vaccinated players sat back waiting for the results. It was highly anticipated since this was the second of the draws and after this only three drawings remain. With each drawing, the probability of winning also goes down.

Carlyle who works as a delivery driver for Amazon was getting off work when he got a call from Ohio’s Governor Mike DeWine. It was a long day of delivering packages for him so the call sure was a breath of fresh air.

He revealed that since he had be closely following the lottery announcement so he was aware of what was in store. He told in a press conference that when he received the call he was certain that he had won the $1 million. Though he had a hint about the win yet he was overwhelmed by the information that the governor gave him. He could not believe that just by a stroke of luck he became a millionaire overnight.

Carlyle’s wins haven’t changed his loyalty towards his work and he’d continue to work as an Amazon delivery driver as long as he wills. He came to Ohio in 2013 with big dreams and now with this win seems like his dreams are going to become a reality.

Like all lottery winners, he will firstly pay off some bills with the winning amount. He also desires to buy a home for himself and then eventually begin a foundation for his family. Looks like the winner has big plans with regard to his recent winnings.

Carlyle is a prime example of how these vaccine incentives in the form of lotteries are actually encouraging people to get vaccinated. He revealed that he was quite hesitant to get the vaccine shot and kept delaying the vaccination. It was only after he heard about the lottery immunization incentive that he finally got himself an appointment. He got the Johnson & Johnson jab which is a one-shot vaccine.

Seeing the positive trend the lotteries have brought in the vaccine drive the state continues encouraging its population.

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