A woman from Bear Wins $10,000 Playing the Dreamin’ XXL Game


Whenever we talk about lottery games, the games that come to our mind are Powerball, Mega Millions, Luck4Life, Set4Life, EuroMillions, and National lottery. All of these games are top of the line and offer huge chances of winning. However, there is a catch when it comes to the lottery games that the odds of winning in such games are very high.

This means that it is highly unlikely of you to win a lottery prize playing the top lottery games. On the other hand, the local lottery games or games backed by the states offered low odds, which means you have more chances of winning.

This is the reason why many people do not go for the top lottery games. Instead, they go for the small and local lottery games backed by the city or the state.

The players usually go for such games as they offer more winning chances to the players. This way, the players do not have to visit the offices out of their cities or states in order to claim the prizes. Therefore, the participation level in such games is tremendous from the locals’ end.

The Delaware lottery is one of the most prominent state-backed lottery operators in the United States. It offers dozens of lottery games to the players, each offering prize-winning opportunities to the players. This time, the Delaware Lottery is proud to announce a winner of the Dream’ XXL game, which is an instant game.

The Delaware lottery team is sharing the story of a woman from Bear who has requested to keep her identity anonymous. The Delaware Lottery is allowed to reveal that the winner is 29 years old. The player informed the officials that she had purchased more than one lottery ticket for the Dreamin’ XXL game.

The player informed the officials that she is a baker by profession and she had purchased four tickets for the particular instant game. The player had reportedly purchased her ticket from local Acme #817. The particular store is located at Fox Hunt Drive, Bear.

While three tickets did not materialize into any win, the fourth one turned into a blessing. As a result, the Bear woman ended up winning $10,000. After claiming the won, the Bear woman is now one among fifteen other players that have also won $10,000.

The most thrilling side of the game is that despite playing the Delaware lottery game, she is not from Delaware originally. However, she has remained very loyal to the game and has been playing Delaware lottery games for more than ten years.

The Bear woman stated that she is already doing very well in her bakery business. Therefore, she is going to use the money and go for a long trip to her favorite spots in the country.

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