A Lucky Man Fraserville Makes CA$58,691 from the Pools Lottery


The OLG Lottery is back with yet another winner from the Pools Lottery game. This time, the winner is a resident from Fraserville and he can count himself among the luckiest people in Canada. The winner Shawn Crowell was filled with energy and excitement for winning a huge prize.

The OLG Lottery got to know Shawn’s exciting lottery winning story when he visited the OLG Prize Center that is located in Toronto. The player informed that he has been playing OLG for the past 15 years. For the first 12 years, he continuously played the Proline game powered by the OLG Lottery.

To his disappointment, he did not manage to win any decent amount through the years and was unhappy with it. That is when he decided to switch to the Pools lottery game but even though he spent 3 years in it, yet he ended up being lucky.

The 41-year-old winner stated that all his investments in the lottery games have been paid in full from his recent win. The player informed the officials that he had purchased the football pool’s card #30 and ended up winning CA$58,691.50 from the game.

The player informed that during the football match, he learned that he had won a prize but he could not tell how much. When he came to know the prize money, he could not believe it in the first place. He had to check the lottery ticket several times before realizing that he had indeed won huge prize money.

Shawn informed the lottery officials that the last year has been really tough on him and his entire family. The entire year was filled with difficulties and disappointments. He stated that he has two kids who need his full support until they grow up into adults and start taking care of their stuff on their own.

He was very worried about how he was going to help them out due to the financial crisis that is on hand. But his lottery investments have finally paid off, and the money he won will go a long way in taking care of many things.

The player informed that the first thing he is going to do is pay the bills that have been due to him for a while. Once they are off the list, he will be taking his wife and kids on a vacation to shed off some of the pressure from the daily routine.

He plans on saving a huge chunk of the prize money for his children for their education and admission purposes. He wants his kids to acquire high education so his kids can become independent and can avail great opportunities in life.

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