A Fast Play Ticket Winning More Than $294,000 Sold in Montgomery County


The Pennsylvania Lottery is back again with another announcement of a lucky winner who has won it big. As always, the PA Lottery is thankful to all the lottery players that have stayed loyal to the lottery. It appreciates the contribution that the citizens of PA and other states make in order to make the country a better place.

As part of its self-initiative, the PA Lottery is revealing the details of a ticket that has managed to win a huge prize for the player. However, the winner is yet to show up and claim the prize, which is why the PA Lottery has taken matters into its own hands.

It has taken the responsibility of sharing the details of the store and the county where the ticket was sold in. This would somehow help the players belonging to the Particular County and area around the store to look for the winner. There is a possibility that you may end up being the winner that PA Lottery is looking for.

As confirmed by the PA Lottery, the prize-winning ticket belongs to the “I Like Big Bucks” game that is considered a progressive game. The ticket has been sold in Montgomery County and it was sold on January 21, 2021.

The ticket was sold from the Family Financial Centers, which is based on 421 West Marshall Street, Norristown, PA. The store will be receiving a $500 bonus incentive for selling the winning ticket.

“I Like Big Bucks” is one of the most popular and widely played games offered by the PA Lottery. It is a $5 game that is a fast play game offering progressive prizes. The minimum prize offering for the particular game is $50,000.

The fast play games are unique as they are not readily available but are printed on-demand from the lottery sales terminal. The players can also acquire the tickets through the self-service touchscreen systems installed at major lottery retail sites.

Although these games resemble scratch-off games but these tickets do not involve scratching or waiting for the draw date.

As a result of the above game, one lucky player has become $294,616 richer. The PA Lottery officials have urged all the players of the game to review their tickets or get them scanned at the nearest lottery retail shop.

If it is you who has won the prize, then you need to be quick and call the PA Lottery office at 1-800-692-7481 to book an appointment. The PA lottery has also requested the lottery winner to sign the back of the ticket.

As always, the winner of the prize has a time period of 1 year to claim their prize.

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