A Lucky Maple Resident Wins $250,000 through Instant Turbo


The OLG Lottery is back yet again with a huge announcement where a lucky woman has ended up winning a fortune. The player won a huge prize through one of the games that are currently being played in Canada.

The OLG Lottery is honored that is serving the people of Canada in a very unique manner. The lottery was founded back in 2000 and ever since its launch, it has been serving the people of Canada.

The lottery has helped millions of Canadians bring a change to their lives and lifestyles by winning big through a variety of games it has offered. One of the most prominent and widely played games offered by the OLG Lottery is “Instant Turbo”. Just recently, a lucky winner was produced by the Instant Turbo game #2198.

The OLG Lottery has congratulated the player for winning a huge prize and shared his story with the entire lottery community for inspiration. The name of the lucky winner is Marianna Torchia is a resident from Maple.

Marianna is one of the luckiest lottery players in Canada as her dedication ended up winning her a huge prize. The OLG Lottery had the opportunity to interview the winner when she visited the OLG Prize Center in Ontario to claim her prize money.

When interviewed, Marianna informed the officials that she has been a regular player of the Instant Turbo game. She has been playing this game ever since it was launched and offered the first game #1. However, she never managed to win any prize from it but felt happy that she was helping charities and noble causes through her money somehow.

The 51-year-old postal worker informed the lottery officials that she loves to play Instant Turbo because it is a scratch-game. The player does not have to wait for days or months to see if a prize is won or not.

The player informed that when she scratched the ticket, she saw that she had won the $250,000 prize money. At first, she could not believe her eyes so she had her friends look at the ticket and confirm it for her.

When confirmed of the definite win, she could burst into tears and could hardly control her job and happiness from the win. The player informed that the recent years have proven to be very difficult both emotionally and financially.

She has lived half her life working and now she has been given the opportunity to have some entertainment in it. The player said that she does not plan on spending all her money on luxuries. Instead, she will be spending a small portion of money on herself, and the majority of it will go into investments.

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