A Lucky Man from Ashburn Won $100,000 from Virginia Lottery


The Virginia Lottery team is back with an announcement and this time, it is here to talk about the winner of a $100,000 prize money. The lottery officials have confirmed that the name of the winner of the $100,000 prize winner is Andres Lopez who is a resident from Ashburn.

According to the lottery operator, the player had purchased the “Blazing Hot Crossword 5X” VA Lottery powered ticket. The Blazing Hot Crossword 5X is currently one of the trending games that belong to the scratch-off family of the lottery games provided by the VA Lottery.

Playing the particular game, Lopez found himself to be the luckiest as he ended up winning a $100,000 prize money as he scratches the numbers of the lucky ticket.

Andres Lopez had reportedly purchased the lucky $100,000 prize-winning ticket from Giant Food. The particular store is located at 43330 Junction Plaza, Ashburn. The store will also be receiving a bonus commission for selling the $100,000 prize-winning “Blazing Hot Crossword 5X” scratch-off ticket.

 The lottery officials also had the opportunity to speak with Andres Lopez about his astonishing win and he shared exactly what purpose the money is going to serve for him.

Andres Lopez stated that due to the pandemic, he ended up losing the restaurant that he had worked so hard for. Unfortunately, his restaurant wasn’t able to make it through the harsh times just like hundreds of thousands of other restaurants in the country.

Lopez stated that he was running a small restaurant in Nevada, but as the restaurant closed, he had to move back to Virginia. The player stated that he needed all the support that he could get and that is why he moved back to his home state.

The player stated that here, he has his parents and his siblings who he was confident would have helped him out through the harshest of times. Lopez also stated that he decided to move with his entire family so the process of moving left his bank account almost on fumes.

When moved here, he started looking for a job as a chef in a restaurant but wasn’t finding any luck. He stated that it was just one of those bad days when he decided to purchase a lottery ticket and try his luck. This was going to be the first time ever that he was going to go for a lottery ticket.

He scratched it and then just looked at it for several minutes before bursting into tears. The player stated that due to the recent circumstances, he had started losing faith in himself and the Creator. But he took it as a sign from the Creator that he is always watching over his creation and helping them out whenever they are about to lose hope.

The player stated that he is going to start a new restaurant in Virginia, close to his home-two and he is confident that this time, he won’t be moving to a different state.

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