A Lucky Player from Saint Catherine Wins $1,000,000 Playing Lotto Max


The officials of the Lotto Max are back to make an announcement about a lucky winner, who is no longer worried about how much money he will make hourly. The Lotto Max officials have given away huge prize money to the player after he matched the right set of numbers to win the prize.

The officials have revealed that the name of the lucky winner is Michel Bujold. Michel Bujold is a proud and one of the lucky residents of St. Catherin, who will now spend his life with luxury.

According to the lottery officials, Michel Bujold has won prize money worth $1 million playing the Lotto Max. According to the Lotto Max team, Bujold has taken a lot of time before showing up to claim his prize money.

The draw for the game that Bujold participated in was held on June 22, 2021. However, the player has contacted the lottery officials just a few days back to claim the prize money.

Bujold told the officials that he knew from the beginning that he had won prize money. However, he wanted to show up and claim it when the time was right. He stated that it is only him who knows how he spent more than two months knowing he had won $1 million.

The player informed the lottery officials that all of his friends also play the Lott Max game. His friends always bought tickets with auto-picked numbers and they asked him to do the same. However, he never went for the option, and instead, he always picked numbers manually.

Bujold stated that he believes in selecting the numbers on his own and he never depended upon the computer for choosing the prize-winning numbers for him. He stated that he went with the same trend and luckily for him, his numbers proved to be lucky for him.

According to Bujold, he was really excited and overjoyed when he found out that he had won the prize. However, he had to keep his calm and keep the information away from everyone. The player stated that if he would have told anyone about his winning, they would have convinced him to claim the prize money.

As per Bujold, he wanted to take care of a few things before moving on and going ahead with claiming the prize money. The player stated that he was planning to buy himself a car, which he had planned for a very long time and was saving money for it.

The player stated that he was almost over with saving up for the car and did not want to spend even a single dollar from the prize money to buy the car. This is the reason why he bought the car first and then claimed the prize money. He stated that if he would have claimed the prize money, he would have used the money from the prize to buy the car.

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