A Lucky Player Wins Over £5.1 Million Playing National Lottery


Although the National Lottery finds its way back to the headlines occasionally, it makes sure when it does, it is with a blast. Therefore, staying true to its tradition, the National Lottery is back with a huge announcement in regards to a major lottery win.

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The National Lottery officials are glad to announce a remarkable win claimed by Sebastian Drake and his wife Paula Drake. The couple is now among the luckiest in the United Kingdom as they have won prize money equal to a jackpot prize.

The officials have revealed that the couple has won their way to the £5.1 million prize money. The players had to share so much about their lives, their struggles, and their future plans.

While talking to the National Lottery team, Sebastian talked about the excitement he and his wife felt as they won the prize money. As soon as they found out about the win, they were completely taken with a huge prize. They could not believe they had won huge prize money and their lives were going to change all of a sudden.

Sebastian stated that both he and his wife are close to their 50s and they have spent their entire lives working hard. They have always remained loyal to their work and responsibilities, and this is exactly how they plan on doing it.

Sebastian stated that through their hard work, they have managed to make a good living and they are enjoying life to their fullest. The current lifestyle they have is all that they could have asked for in life. Their earnings are good and this is exactly why they have been able to become part of one of the most expensive sports (golf).

The couple stated that they will continue living their lives the same way were doing before winning the prize money. They have enough money to help their kids study and get through college and university. They are now happy that their children will not have to pay off their study loans for the rest of their lives.

Instead, they will be able to look forward in their lives without having to look behind and worry about their expenses. Sebastian stated that just like their parents, they have always worked hard and made a decent living. They will continue doing that until they are retired and then spend the money they have won to enjoy their lives even more.

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Until then, they will keep finding ways of increasing their prize money by investing it in safe and profitable places. Sebastian did mention that he has been sharing a car with his wife to and fro work. Now that they have the right kind of cash on them, they will definitely go ahead with another car.

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