Lucky Player Wins $1,000,000 Playing Lotto Max


The Lotto Max is here to inform you that the stars of fortune and luck have shined above a player named Amin Najjar Mojarrab playing the lottery game. The lottery officials have revealed that Amin is now among the ranks of players that have won a huge prize than the rest of the lottery prize winners.

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According to the lottery officials, Amin had no idea what he was going for when he purchased the ticket. The player was fully taken by surprise when he realized what he had won playing the Lotto Max game. The player is among the luckiest and most fortunate in entire Canada that he has won prize money worth $1,000,000.

As per the lottery officials, the ticket Amin had purchased was for the draw held back on June 22, 2021, but the player did not show up earlier to claim his prize money.

Amin told the lottery officials that he was waiting for the right time to show up and claim the prize money. The player stated that he wanted to pay off all the heavy loans on his own he had accumulated. He wanted to do this because he did not want to use a single quarter of the money he had won on loans or bills.

Amin informed the lottery officials that the money is going to go a very long way for him and his entire family. He is going to ensure that every penny from the prize money has importance and value.

The player informed the officials that he is a regular when it comes to playing Lotto Max. There are other lottery games he plays but this is the one that has caught his attention every single time he has decided to play lotteries.

This is the reason why he has stuck with lottery games and plans on doing it for a long time. Even if he has won prize money, he is going to continue with his lottery plays and keep trying his luck over and over.

Amin informed the officials that he is a real estate agent and he is able to make good money from that. However, he had been working for someone else as a real estate agent, and now, he is going to work for himself.

The player informed the officials that he has been living a very stable life with his wife and two kids that they have. He stated that he is planning to buy a new house and he already had enough money saved up for it.

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Now he is going to use some of the funds from the prize money, move to a bigger house, and start his own real estate business. According to the player, he is aiming to go higher in the real estate business and the win has just helped him achieve it.

Amin had purchased his ticket from Circle K store, which is located at Bayview Avenue, Richmond Hill.

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