A Lucky Woman from King George County Wins $250,000 Playing Virginia Lottery


One of the most famous and highly demanded lottery games from the United States run by the Virginia State is here to share the joy of a recent win. The Virginia Lottery is announcing the spectacular win that the lucky winner has claimed playing one of the games powered by the VA lottery.

The officials have revealed that the name of the lucky winner is Shelia Baker who had decided to play the “Bank a Million” game powered by the VA lottery. The player told the lottery officials she plays the games from the Virginia lottery alongside her husband.

There were some occasions when her husband won a small prize of around a few hundred bucks but she never won anything. Both of them had been competing for such a long time to win the highest amount among each other.

However, as she never won prize money, her husband always used to tease her, and now it was her moment so she made the out of it. The player had reportedly purchased her lucky ticket from the One Ten Market. The player informed the officials that it is their regular store that they visit to purchase all their tickets from.

Shelia confirmed that their regular lottery retailer is located at 9501 Dahlgren Road, King George. The store will also be receiving a bonus commission for selling her the luckiest ticket.

The draw for the particular game was reportedly held back on June 26, 2021. The numbers drawn for the particular draw were 14-13-12-9-7-4 and the bonus ball that the operator had drawn was 9.

Shelia Baker had reportedly purchased four tickets for the particular game and one of the tickets ended up winning her $250,000.

The best thing about the Bank a Million is that the operator pre-calculates the tax deduction price for the top prizes. Therefore, it gives you top prizes such as $250,000, $500,000, and $1,000,000 that already have tax deducted from them.

Shelia Baker ended up matching all the numbers from the lucky draw and won prize money of $250,000, which was the top prize for the particular draw.

According to Shelia Baker, she found out from live draw that she had won the top prize money of $250,000. Now, it was her turn to tease her husband so she went up to him while he was sleeping, and started teasing him.

The player stated that she was excited and could not fall asleep at all so she decided to keep her husband awake as well. She teased him the entire night before breaking the news to him. Shelia stated that their first aim is to get themselves a house and then buy a new electric car to complete the package.

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