Two Lucky Co-Workers Share $130,000 Virginia Lottery Prize


There was a time when people used to play lottery games all by themselves because they wanted to keep the money to themselves. However, doing this they always shrunk the possibility of them winning a prize as they could not buy more tickets all by themselves.

This is when people from around the world became smarter and came up with a unique idea. They started forming groups and started playing games together. The formed syndicates, which meant that each person in the syndicate would pool money to purchase lottery tickets. Once the tickets were bought, then the next step would be to wait for the results or to scratch the tickets to see the results.

If any of the tickets end up winning prize money, then that prize money is split equally among the rest of the players who are part of the syndicate.

This is what two co-workers at Virginia did when they found out they had a similar interest. They did this to increase their winning chances but they were also willing to share. This is what drove them together and helped them search for fortune together instead of doing it alone.

The Virginia lottery officials have revealed that the names of the players are Richard Galimore and Ricky Gantt. Their passion was to play the Cash 5 with EZ Match game, which is a lottery draw game powered by the VA lottery.

The players informed the officials that when they played alone, they would purchase their tickets from different stores. Now that they had formed a tiny group, they purchased all their tickets from Caroline Supermarket, which was close to their office. The particular supermarket is located at 19268 Partlow Road, Beaverdam.

According to the players, they never wanted to go through the hassle of getting confused with the numbers. Therefore, they always went for the “Easy Pick” option, which did not ask them for numbers, instead let the computer choose the numbers.

The players stated that the ticket that helped them win the prize was for the draw held on June 4, 2021. The top prize-winning numbers for the particular draw were 40-28-19-18-8. These were the exact numbers that were there on one of the tickets that the players had chosen.

Both players stated that when they saw the numbers on the ticket, they thought they had only won $200. However, when Galimore returned to work the next day, Gantt corrected his mistake and gave him the shocking news. The co-workers had fortunately won a $130,000 prize playing the lottery game.

They are now among the luckiest co-workers that have managed to win prizes playing the lottery games. Both players are eager to try their luck playing lottery games even when they leave their employment.

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