Father Winning $2 Million Playing Florida Lotto Splits Prize Money with Son


The Florida Lotto is proud to bring you the story of Victor Chiovera who has won a fortune playing Florida Lotto. The player made things quite interesting when he did something that no one would ever think about doing in the first place.

The lottery officials are excited to share Victor Chiovera’s story because it is one of the most inspiring ones. It is an inspiring story that would teach and motivate hundreds of thousands of people that they always need to stand by and look after each other.

Victor’s action has shown the entire world that humanity and love still exist all over the world. His action may spark an entire fire that would spread like a wild one and inject motivation and inspiration all over the lottery world.

It is true that the majority of the lottery players play lottery games for themselves. Even when they win prizes, they hardly ever talk about helping out their families or friends. The only thing in their mind is the luxury and the amount of joy they are going to get when they spend the money all on themselves.

However, it is always better to share the love and joy one gets in their lives and cherish it for the rest of their lives. Victor Chiovera has done just that playing the Florida Lotto and has set a precedent that Florida Lotto hopes would go a long way.

As per the lottery officials, Victor had gone for the “$10 Gold Rush Supreme”. Playing the lucky game helped her win the top prize for the $10 Gold Rush Supreme game, which was $2 million. It is one of the top lottery games, which is a scratcher and lets you win prizes as high as a million.

The player had submitted his lucky ticket at the Tallahassee headquarters for the Florida Lotto to claim the prize. Chiovera reportedly took home $1,760,000 after tax deductions.

The player had purchased his lucky ticket from the Wawa store, which is located at 120 South Ridgewood Avenue, Daytona Beach. The store will also receive a bonus commission worth $4,000 for selling the lucky ticket.

The player informed the officials that he had been playing the lottery games for a very long time. There wasn’t a week when he did not go for the lottery games. However, the pandemic hit and he lost his job, which was the worst thing that could happen to him during this situation.

This is when his son took care of him and never ever mentioned that he was a burden on him. He even bought the lottery tickets for him and never asked for money. His son always joked that if he wins a jackpot then he can share the prize.

The player said now that he has won the top prize, it is time for him to share the prize money and he is definitely going to split it.

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