Two Lucky Players Win $3 Million in Total Playing Florida Lotto


The Florida Lotto is here to share the joy and celebrate the recent winnings of two lucky players from Florida. These lucky players have reportedly won fortunes playing the Florida Lotto and they are not going to stop playing at all.

According to both players, they now have more of a purpose to keep playing the lottery games and keep trying their luck. Now, their lives have changed forever but they will continue playing with a new style and may even purchase more tickets.

The officials have revealed that the name of the one lucky winner is Rachel Batten who is aged 33 and is a resident of Spring Hill. The name of the other player is Edward Taylor who is aged 67 and is a resident of Vero Beach.

Rachel Batten had tried her luck playing the 100X The Cash game. This is the game that the player had been playing for a while to try her luck and see if it brings a change to her life. Finally, the moment came true and her wish was fulfilled. The best thing about the win was that she won more than she had expected in the first place.

The player had hoped of winning a few hundred thousand dollars because she had never even won a single dime playing the lottery games.

The player informed the officials that she was not counting much on winning the prize money. She was also making up her mind to stop playing lottery games for good. However, things finally worked out for her and she ended up winning a $2 million prize playing the 100X The Cash game.

The player had reportedly purchased her lucky ticket from Publix. The particular store is located at 13752 Little Road, Houston. For helping the player win the $2,000,000 prize, the store is also eligible for receiving $4,000 in the form of bonus commission.

Now it is time to talk about Edward Taylor’s lucky win who despite winning less than Batten has still won a significantly higher amount. The player had gone for one of the most demanded lottery draw games powered by the Florida Lotto. The name of the particular game Taylor went for is the $5 Monopoly Bonus Spectacular.

The particular game is also a scratch-off ticket and Taylor has won a $1,000,000 prize playing the particular game. The player had successfully collected $815,000 from the Florida Lotto’s headquarters.

The officials have revealed that Edward Taylor had purchased his lucky ticket from Hometown Supermarket. The particular supermarket is located at 4105 US Highway 1, Vero Beach. The particular supermarket is eligible for receiving a $2,000 bonus commission for selling the ticket to Edward Taylor.

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