Lucky Woman from Chesterfield Wins $200,000 Playing Virginia Lottery


The Virginia lottery team is here to announce the latest winner that has won a fortune playing one of the scratchers. The Virginia Lottery is responsible for offering over a dozen scratcher games to the players. On a weekly basis, thousands of players get the opportunity to play and win decent prizes through the Virginia lottery.

This time, Tracey Bew has her name in the hall of fame for her courageous effort and determination after all these years. Bew never gave up on playing the lottery games despite the ups and downs in her life. Finally, her efforts turned fruitful when she realized she had won a $200,000 prize playing one of the top scratchers offered by the operator.

The player informed the officials that she and her husband are always playing lottery games. Whether it is a storm or a flood, they are always out there purchasing lottery tickets to try their luck. The couple informed the officials that it has become their weekly practice and routine to stay after dinner and scratch the tickets together.

They always hoped to stay together and together, see their lives change forever. This is exactly what happened as one of the Jewel 7s tickets that had left out of the 5 tickets, turned out to be the lucky one. Their dream as well as their wish came true as Tracey scratched the ticket and the $200,000 prize win was visible.

The couple was utterly shocked and unable to react but they knew something different was going to happen in their lives from this point onwards. They called their children right away and informed them of the win. They told everyone in their neighborhood about the win and everyone congratulated them for the win.

The couple informed the officials that they would also be purchasing five tickets for the scratchers. They had tried several lottery games but never felt so much helpful than they were playing the Jewel 7s.

The couple confirmed that they always purchase their lottery tickets from the Publix store that is located at 13700 Jull Street Road, Midlothian.

They stated that they are not going to keep the joy and happiness all to themselves. Instead, they are going to visit the store and invite all of them to a small party they are planning to hold. This is something that has given them a lot of joy and happiness, and they want to cherish every bit of it.

They said that their social life was not much given the fact that they both had each other to fill in the gaps. However, they felt that they were always shy but now they have an excuse to interact with people and share their feelings with them

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