Mega Millions Winner Takes Home $4 Million in Massachusetts


While the recent Mega Millions doesn’t have a jackpot winner it sure has a few million-dollar winners. A lottery player in New Jersey won $1 million another player in Massachusetts took home a whopping $4 million.

The winning numbers required to win the Mega Millions jackpot were 17-20-42-45-65 with a Megaball 12.

For now, though there is no jackpot winner yet there are a few players who are living their dreams with their latest win. The winner from Massachusetts had managed to match all five balls and on top of that, they also had a Magaplier ticket. The Megaplier was 4 and therefore, their $1 million multiplied to $4 million. The other $1 million winners to have managed to match the five white balls were from New Jersey. The winner from New Jersey didn’t have a Megaplier ticket, therefore, their winning amount didn’t multiply. Some lottery enthusiasts are of the opinion that one should always spend an extra dollar and buy the Megaplier. One never knows when they will strike it lucky.

The winner in New Jersey now can maintain their anonymity as per the latest law passed by the states. Before the passing of this law, lottery winners were required to make their details public and reveal their identities. Massachusetts on the other hand gives winners an option to claim lottery prizes in the name of a trust. The trust option is there in case someone doesn’t want to reveal their identity to the public.

However, unfortunately, no one managed to win the mega millions jackpot that was estimated at almost $50 million. The cash option for this jackpot prize was $34.9 million as per the details given on the official website of Mega Millions. The jackpot prize has now climbed to $61 million and the fate of this jackpot will be seen in the next Mega Millions drawing. Whosoever manages to win the Mega Millions jackpot will be given a cash option of $42.7 million.

The last Mega Millions jackpot worth $56 million was won earlier this month in Illinois. It was a trip to the gas station that ended the winner $56 million richer. The lucky ticket was purchased in Crestwood, Illinois from Citgo Gas Station on South Pulaski. The winner was also given a cash option of $38.7 million.

The Mega Million Jackpot won in May was one of the longest-running jackpots this year. As 2021 commence a very long-running jackpot that reached $1.05 billion was finally won by a wolverine club in Oakland County. Following this, the second-largest jackpot wins this year was worth $516 million which was grabbed in May by someone in Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, players are also eagerly waiting to play the Powerball drawing which has a jackpot worth $75 million. The cash option for the jackpot prize is $53.4 as per the data available on the Powerball website.

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