A Lucky Woman from Reading Wins £1,049,669 Playing the National Lottery


The National Lottery is back with yet another announcement for a lucky winner from Reading. The lottery officials have revealed that the name of the lucky woman is Di Foster, who is a 62-year-old woman from Reading.

The lottery team has revealed that Di Foster is a regular in playing lottery games powered by the National lottery. She tends to go for different lottery games powered by the National lottery. Out of all the games, the woman loves to go for the Lucky Dip game.

The lucky draw Di Foster participated in was titled “Lotto Must Be Won” and its draw was held on Saturday, 24 April 2021.

According to Di Foster, she had been participating in the National lottery games for a very long time. She had been playing the lottery games in hopes that someday would prove to be her lucky one and she would end up winning a huge prize.

She went on to play the game for years and at times, her family members asked her not to play the lottery games. They always told her that the lottery games were hopeless and nothing more than hoaxes and plots to lure people into spending more money.

However, her decision proved to be the luckiest as she ended up winning £1,049,669. The player informed the officials that she woke up on Sunday morning and started her day with a cup of tea.

As she was taking sips from her tea, she received a message on her phone. For her, it was something unusual, as she had never received any emails from anyone in the past. When she checked her email, it showed that she had won a prize.

This was the most shocking news she had received ever from anyone. Her heart started pounding and her hands started shaking. The player informed the officials that it was not fear that caused her to shake but it was joy and a peak of curiosity.

She did not know what was going to be in her National lottery account, which made it even more shocking and exciting for her.

To her surprise, as she checked her National lottery account, it showed that she had more than a million pounds in there. She started jumping in excitement and gather all her family members in an instant. They were all filled with joy and were congratulating her, and amid all the excitement, her grandson vanished.

None of the family members noticed him missing because of all the shouting and excitement. That is when her grandson brought an entire list of stuff he wanted from her. Her grandson was 7-years-old so there was not much he could ask for.

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