A Lucky Woman from Wilmington Wins $50,000 Powerball Prize Money


The Delaware Lottery is proud to bring you the story of a lucky prize winner who forgets that she ever had a ticket on her. The lottery team is very excited about the winner as she managed to win prize money -worth $50,000. The lucky game that has helped the 57-year-old win huge prize money is none other than Powerball Lottery.

There are thousands of lottery games all over the world giving people the opportunity to win huge prizes. However, it is the Powerball Lottery that currently ranks the top and is constantly growing bigger and better for its participants.

It is one of the cheapest and most profitable lottery games in the entire world, and it can even offer you the opportunity to win millions. If you are the luckiest man in the entire world, then you may even end up winning a billion dollars playing the Powerball Lottery.

This time, the player has not won such a large amount but still, it is the best bargain when one has only spent less than $3 to purchase the ticket.

While the Powerball Lottery has many winning stories to share several times per week, but it has decided to share the story of the lucky woman from Wilmington.

In Delaware Lottery offers players the option of anonymity, so they do not have to reveal their identity. The 57-year-old woman decided to take the option and preferred not to share her identity for safety reasons.

The lottery officials have confirmed that the ticket the Wilmington woman had purchased matches four primary numbers from the draw, plus the Powerball number. The draw she had participated in for Powerball was held back on July 10, 2021. For matching the four numbers, she won prize money worth $50,000.

Prior to the player showing up and claiming her prize, the lottery officials were in search of her. They revealed the name and location of the store where she had reportedly purchased the ticket from.

According to the lottery officials, the lucky woman had purchased her lucky ticket from Royal Farms #176. The particular facility is located at Ocean View. The player reportedly went for the Quick Pick option while purchasing the ticket. The Quick Pick option is known for letting the machine choose the number for you.

Over time, many people have won huge prizes trusting the capabilities of the computers and let them do the number picking.

When visiting the headquarters to claim the prize, the player informed the officials that she has a habit of forgetting things. Every now and then, she ends up forgetting stuff and this time, it was the lottery ticket. However, she was reminded of the ticket when she visited the same store again and the cashier asked her about the game. That is when she realized she had a ticket and when she checked it, it was her who had won the prize money.

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