A Lucky Woman wins a Post-Christmas and Pre-New Year Prize of $15000 on Snowball Bucks


How lucky a person would be if they come to know that they have a huge surprise waiting for them right when the Christmas holidays end? Something very similar has happened to the luckiest woman from Holden (Louisiana).

The Louisiana Lottery brings the story of a woman who had just finished up with Christmas and had spent a lot during the Christmas Holidays. However, little did she know that she had a huge surprise waiting for her? The player did not know that she would soon become one of the luckiest people in the entire world that have managed to win big from the lotteries.

The name of the lottery winner is Leslie Fayard who is a resident of Holden. The player told the lottery officials that she was almost going to pass out when she came to realize that she had won a huge prize.

Fayard had purchased a scratch-off ticket for the Snowball Bucks game during the holidays and had hoped for winning a small prize. However, the player was almost going to faint when she scanned the ticket. The player had not only won a prize but it was a huge one that was worth $15,000.

The Snowball Bucks scratch-off is one of the most popular lottery games that are backed by the Louisiana Lottery. The player revealed that she had scanned the scratch-off ticket through the Louisiana Lottery’s official application. The player said that she went into a state of shock when the application showed her that she had actually won $15,000.

As per Fayard, she initially thought that she was mistaken and did not believe the result. But, later when she had confirmed it around ten times, she could not believe she had won such a huge amount.

The player was extremely happy and stated that the win has come at the perfect time. She informed me that the first reason is that the New Year is approaching so now she has the money to spend on celebrating it. The second reason she gave was that her birthday was also approaching. The player said that she will be giving herself a nice present.

Fayard informed the officials that she has been playing scratch-off lottery games ever since the pandemic hit. She said that it is the lottery games that keep her occupied as she gets very happy when she finds out someone has won a prize.

The player said that for a birthday present, she is going to get herself a new vehicle as her current one is almost done. The player also stated that with the rest of the money, she plans on renovating and re-modeling her house to make it look like new again.

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