A Lucky Chef from Norfolk Won a Tasty Lottery Prize of $1Million from The Virginia Lottery


The Virginia Lottery is proud to bring the story of a lucky lottery player who managed to win big through one of their scratch-off games. For many decades, the Virginia Lottery is busy changing the lives of millions of players. In addition to the players, the VA Lottery has contributed a lot in helping the noble causes and communities all across Virginia.

The VA Lottery revealed that the winner who managed to win big from one of its scratch games is a chef by profession. The player bought a ticket for the $31,000,000 Payout scratch-card game, which is powered by the VA Lottery.

The player informed that he had purchased the ticket from the 7-Eleven Store. The 7-Eleven Store is located at 100 West 21st Street in Norfolk (VA). The ticket that the player purchased for the game helped the chef win a million-dollar prize.

The VA Lottery had the chance of taking to the player and knowing his story when he visited the lottery office to claim the prize.

The player stated that he has been working in different restaurants for as long as he remembers as a chef. He stated that he was always hopeful that one day he would be able to find a better opportunity for himself.

He stated that he always wished to earn fame and name as a big-time chef in the country. However, things did not turn out the way he had expected so he had been struggling for decades now.

The player informed that VA Lottery officials that although he is not regular he tends to try his luck through the lottery games every now and then.

He said that just like always, he bought the ticket with hopes of winning a small amount so he could buy a new cooking kit for himself. However, he was thrilled and shocked to know that he had finally won a huge prize.

He stated that when he scratched off the ticket and saw the prize money, he thought that it was a joke. Then he checked with the store staff that confirmed that he had won a $1 million prize from the $31,000,000 Payout lottery game.

The player visited the head office of the VA Lottery and decided to go with the one-time lump sum prize money of $675,982 before taxes.

The player stated that he will finally be able to pursue his dream of opening up his own restaurant and being the head chef there. He told the lottery officials that he will make sure that all his family members and friends are given extra protocol when they visit his new restaurant.

By playing the $31,000,000 Payout lottery game, it is possible for the players to win prizes between $10 and $1 million.

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