A Woman from West Virginia Blessed with a Million Dollar Prize on Powerball Lottery


The Virginia Lottery brings the story of a lucky woman who while making a delivery during Christmas earned a blessing for herself. The player had fortune go in her favor when she ended up winning $1 million prizes.

The Virginia Lottery revealed that the player has won the prize for the Powerball Lottery. The draw for the particular lottery game was held on December 16, 2020.

The Virginia Lottery has informed that the name of the winner is Sheila Hawse who is a resident in West Virginia. The ticket that the player bought managed to match all five sets of the primary numbers. However, the ticket failed to meet the Powerball due to which she was unable to win the 1st tier prize.

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The numbers that were drawn from the December 16 draw for the Powerball game were 04-23-37-61-67. The Powerball that was drawn from the particular draw was 07. As a result, the player managed to win the 2nd prize worth $1 million.

The player was really excited when she visited the Virginia Lottery office to claim the prize. While at the office, the VA Lottery officials had the opportunity to talk to the winner of the million-dollar prize. The lottery wanted to know the interesting story and the buildup that led the player to buy the ticket.

Hawse told that she was alongside her sister when they visited the Round Hill Shopping Center on Northwestern Pike. She informed that the shopping center is right outside Winchester and she was helping her sister deliver cakes there to the store employees.

The player told the officials that while at the store, she decided to purchase the ticket for the Powerball Lottery game. She informed me that she did not even choose the number herself for the ticket. Instead, she went for the Easy Pick option that allowed the computer to choose the lucky numbers for her.

The player informed that she had not expected to win such a huge prize from the Powerball Lottery game. However, she feels like she is the luckiest person alive to have won a prize this big.

When asked how she wishes to spend her money, the player stated that she is going to help her sister with the prize money she has won to expand her baking business. On top of that, she is going to go for a long vacation with her family so they have all spend the New Year together.

The VA lottery has confirmed that the store that sold the lucky ticket will also be receiving a bonus incentive of $10,000.

The VA Lottery has advised that the odds of winning the $1 million prize for the particular draw were 1 in 11,688,054.

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