People in Bradford won £50k in Postcode Lottery


Three residents from Baildon had an additional reason to celebrate yesterday after they were able to win big in the People’s Postcode Lottery. Located in Langley Lane, Baildon, the houses won a whopping £50,000 each and discovered about their win in a video call with Judie McCourt, the Postcode Lottery ambassador. One of the people who won was 58 years old financial advisor, Graham Dudley. He became very emotional when he discovered his £50,000 win. He said it was definitely amazing and he was feeling overwhelmed at such a big win. 

He said that it meant a lot to him because he had a loving family, including three sons, and they would come first. He also said he would help out his mom and dad and said that he, himself was last on the list. The financial advisor said that with the kind of year 2020 had been, the first thing he wanted to do was to go on a magnificent holiday with his family, including his wife and three sons. He said that they had been lucky enough to go to Disney in American a couple of years ago, and he wanted to take more of the family along this time around.

The man said that he was very close to his family and they would definitely celebrate when it would be allowed to do so. He went on to say that his phone was a bit out of date, so he would replace it and may even get himself a new watch. He said that he was feeling very emotional and wished he could celebrate with his family. The other people who also won from the same postcode i.e. BD17 6TD, decided to remain anonymous. They were also able to win £50,000 as part of a special Christmas campaign by the People’s Postcode Lottery, where £50,000 is granted to one postcode on a daily basis.

Judie McCourt said that speaking to Graham and revealing his winnings virtually was great. She said that his family sounded lovely and congratulated all the other winners in Baildon as well. 32% of the ticket sales of the People’s Postcode Lottery is set aside for charities and so far, a total of £600 million has been raised by players for thousands of good causes. This particular draw had been promoted on behalf of Woodland Trust and the charity received £15.7 million from it.

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