A Man from Manassas (VA) Goes For Dinner and Brings Home $177,777 from A Lottery

Who would have thought that a hunch would help a player win a million-dollar prize? Fortunately, for Jeff Journell, this is exactly what happened as his hunch helped him win  alt=

How lucky would it be when you go to a place thinking that you will be spending some money to grab a bite but end up winning a big lottery prize? Fortunately, Luis Vasquez is the one who will be telling the same sort of story to his kids and grandkids.

Luis Vasquez told the media his interesting story as to how he was able to bag a huge amount. Luis Vasquez informed the media that he is a construction worker by profession. His recent construction team has been contracted to work at near the Alexandria area.

Mr. Vasquez told the team that one day he decided to grab a bite from one of the stores. He stopped by at the Mama’s Chicken that is located at the 6257 Little River Turnpike.

Mr. Vasquez stated that while he was at the franchise, he stumbled upon the scratch-off tickets for the Virginia lottery. When he looked at them, he had a hunch and bought some tickets for the scratch-off lottery.

He stated that he decided to scratch the tickets right there and then to see if he had won anything or not. Mr. Vasquez could not control his excitement while telling that he had actually ended up winning a $177,777 jackpot prize.

Mr. Vasquez told that at the start, he got extremely confused and nervous at the win and told his wife about it who had the same feelings.

The tickets Luis Vasquez had bought belonged to the Lucky 7s Tripler lottery. The prize that Mr. Vasquez won is the fourth and the last one for the Lucky 7s Tripler jackpots. As per the Virginia lottery, the scratcher lottery draw ends with the claim of the last jackpot prizes.

Meaning that Luis Vasquez was the last lucky winner to have claimed the prize concluding the 1996th scratcher lottery draws.

The Virginia lottery has also revealed the odds of winning the jackpot as well as the top prize for the Lucky 7s Tripler draw. The odds of winning the jackpot prize were 1 in 1,040,400 and the odds of winning any prize for the draw were 1 in 4.21.

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