New York Lottery Reveals Multiple Winners for the Take-Five Top Prize

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Just recently, the New York lottery was extremely happy to announce the winners of the recent Take-Five lottery draw. The New York lottery was pleased to reveal that it had only anticipated one top prize winner for the draw.

However, the New York lottery management was surprised as well as glad to know it was more than one winner of the take-five lottery draw. The lucky draw for the Take-Five lottery that revealed multiple top prize winners was held on November 21, 2020.

The New York lottery stated that it is very happy to see that lately, the draws have started yielding multiple top prize winners. The New York lottery also revealed that the two top prize-winning tickets were sold in two different boroughs from New York.

The name of the first borough where the first top prize-winning ticket was sold was Queens. However, the name of the other borough where the 2nd top prize-winning Take-Five lottery ticket was sold was Deer Park.

Furthermore, the New York lottery also revealed the names and locations of the stores where the lucky tickets were sold from.

The name of the store that is located in Queens is New Orient Int’l. The store is located at 87-71 Sutphin Boulevard (Jamaica).

The name of the store that is located in Deer Park is Stop & Shop. The Stop & Shop store is located at 421 Commack Road (Deer Park).

The New York lottery revealed the prize that both of the tickets for the Take-Five draw won. The same prize that both of the tickets won from the draw held on the 21st of November was $30,813.50.

For players who are currently unaware of the Take-Five lottery, they have the option to choose numbers ranging between 01 and 39. The draw for the Take-Five lottery is held every night at 11:21 PM.

The players that end up winning a prize through the Take-Five lottery, have a prize claim time-period of a whole year. The prize claim time period starts from the date when the draw is held and the winning numbers are shown.

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