A Man from North Carolina bought 20 Tickets and Won All of Them

A Pick 4 Games’ 20 Tickets for the Virginia Lottery Win a Man from North Carolina a Huge Fortune

Whenever we come to know about someone winning a lottery, we think that that person must be the luckiest man on the planet. But how would we react when we come to know that the same person won 20 different prizes from 20 different lottery tickets for the same draw?

Well, that is exactly what happened for an old man from North Carolina who bought 20 different tickets and won a prize on every single one of them. With the sum of the 20 ticket prizes, James Swimpson from North Carolina was able to bag the top prize for Pick 4 Game.

Pick 4 Game is one of the most played lottery games powered by the Virginia lottery. The draw for the particular Pick 4 Lottery Game was held on 2nd of November 2020.

James Swimpson was very excited when he told the media and the lottery management about his miraculous win. He stated that he had bought 20 tickets and selected the same numbers on all 20 of them. Luckily for Mr. Swimpson, all 20 of the tickets he had purchased matched the 4 sets of digits that were drawn.

When the draw results came out, Mr. Swimpson matched 4 sets of digits for all 20 tickets and each ticket brought him $5,000. Therefore, the sum of the 20 tickets helped him bag a whopping figure of $100,000.

Mr. Swimpson is a resident of Elizabeth City, North Carolina. He also told the media about the store where he had bought the 20 tickets from.

He informed that he had bought all 20 tickets from the Love’s Travel Stop that is located in Skippers, Virginia.

The winning tickets for the Pick 4 lottery Game that yielded the $100,000 prize for Mr. Swimpson had the numbers 01-04-04-01.

Mr. Swimpson also told that he tends to play lottery games every now and then and the same numbers had won him a small prize in the past. This is why he decided to choose the same numbers again hoping that they would turn out to be lucky for him.

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